Hama hama bo-bama banana fana fo-fama (hamadryad) wrote,
Hama hama bo-bama banana fana fo-fama

Fuck chores.

So I posted about projects unfinished, and people told me what they had unfinished, and almost everything they said was also stuff which I have been neglecting, which means that I have waaaaaaaay too many ALL THE THINGS to finish. Therefore, I'm sitting here posting! Yeah!

So as a bit of a palate cleanser, and more email for me so I have a further excuse to neglect my poor, delapidated home ... what things have you finished lately which you're proud of?

I have that unpainted wall, but I did finish painting the other two walls, and they look fantastic.
I installed shelves behind the office door for our DVDs and it looks as though I did them right, because none of them have fallen and they all fit.
Yesterday I did manage to vacuum ALL THE THINGS. And last week I even did the stairs.
Plus, and this is the big one: haven't killed anyone. YEAH! *internet high-fives all around*
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