Hama hama bo-bama banana fana fo-fama (hamadryad) wrote,
Hama hama bo-bama banana fana fo-fama


It's a rainy day. Did a lot of cleaning yesterday with the Red-Headed Stepchild, so that was good. Sheets are clean, laundry's.... almost under control, which is astounding to me. On the other hand, I don't know what's accumulating in the kids' rooms.

Back when I was 20 and knew everything I had a slightly older boyfriend who still lived at home and was dumbfounded that his mother still did his laundry. "She says it's easier to just do it all," he said, and I thought she was out of her mind for not making him do his own damned laundry. Now I do laundry for all 6 (sometimes 7) people who live here and I understand; oh, do I understand. It really IS easier to just get all of the dirty clothes and get them all clean and out of the goddamned way than it is to make everyone do their own.

On laundry days I also feel way less guilty about all the little step-n-fetchit chores I make the R-HS do.
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