Hama hama bo-bama banana fana fo-fama (hamadryad) wrote,
Hama hama bo-bama banana fana fo-fama


Went up to see doc_cathode over the weekend. Watched some truly awful children's shows which was entertaining in its own way. Best stop of the weekend: we went to the Mütter Museum. Wall O' Skulls, with places of residence and causes of death. Preserved cardiovascular systems. Dysmorphic skeletons. Books bound in human skin. Giant cysts and kidney stones. Wax casts of horribly disfiguring diseases. It was marvelous. I had an excellent time. Doc gifted me with octopods and comic books and pasta. Listened to "Jay and Silent Bob Get Old" podcasts all the way up, and "Nerdist" podcasts all the way home.

And by the way? I recommend stupid 5 Hour Energy. It works. Keeps my eyes from trying to close so I can make a 5-hour drive straight through without any sleepy issues.

And shouldn't inline spellcheck contain the word, "podcasts" by now? Plain old "podcast" it can handle, but "podcasts" sends it into a red underlining tizzy.
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