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Stupid politics.

I used to post a lot more often, because I used to be unmedicated and thus had almost no filter whatsoever between my brain and my need to tell everyone exactly what was going on in it. One of the things I used to post about was politics. EW, FUCKING POLITICS. Yeah, the P word, worse than "pustulant," worse than "pussy": POLITICS.

I still read political blogs and articles all the time, and frankly I've been too disgusted to properly analyze anything I see. There are vanishingly few news outlets through which one can filter out some or all of the bullshit. Just today we have tasty racism from Fox Business host Eric Bolling, with a hefty side of sexism from MSNBC commentator Ed Schultz.

Over 50,000 troops still in Iraq. FFS.
War in Afghanistan.
Unrest in Pakistan.
Not really a war yet, tee hee! -- in Libya.

Republicans can't keep it in their pants.
Democrats can't keep it in their pants.

I mean, what the hell is there to say, you know? Don't get me started on the bullshit going on with unions and WIC and Medicaid and Medicare and educational funding and NPR and and and ....
And so many people are just so fucking stupid!

In other news, I'm almost done running the concession stand for the season, and I am glad, because I am sick to death of it. Today I have to go to Sam's Club for a cubic assload (approximately) of water and Gatorade, because it's WAY WAY cheaper and faster to buy it that way than to have it delivered by a company that rhymes with Smepsi. SO ANYHOW. 90F temperatures and a lot of heavy lifting in my future. Red-Headed Stepchild will be helping, but it's still going to suck a certain amount of ass. RAPTURE! Oh, but hey! I get the whole weekend off! Huzzah!
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