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I have post I'm trying to make on here which I have saved as private 'til I'm done - buncha stuff I want to say about all kinds of stuff. But anyway. This Facebook chat. Not chat. Exchange. In a dude's thread. I'm putting it here because my brain hurts and I'm all about the sharing.

It's kinda long. If you don't feel like reading it, that's fine. I just...I dunno, I want to have this shit out there. There are people like this. Nice, normal people. Who think dogs are more self-aware than the transgendered.

Okay, the original post was a screenshot from a local community college survey. Q: Your sex? A: 1. Male 2. Female 3. Transgendered 4. Prefer not to answer. The man who posted it, commented: "Can someone please give me a good reason why transgender is now listed a gender option? Beside that the world is going to hell? Really.... you might as well put hermaphrodite on there, too. It's more valid than transgender. smh."

What follows is the ensuing thread. I am fully aware that I was deliberately inflammatory when I called the man a bigot right out of the gate. Backstory: this man is a fundamentalist bigot. He did not used to be. After his initial comment above, he did not participate in the thread.

Ianna Riegel Tomasello: Because it's a valid orientation, bigot.
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MD: It looks like a survey, so it makes sense to put it on here if they're trying to get a feel for their demographics.
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PS: I'm assuming a TG person marks this if their transformation isn't complete BUT my experience is that person identifies him/herself as the gender which will be the end result... So the option is still useless.
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HM: Wow crazy!! But not surprised!
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DGT: I like the prefer not to respond option. You should have put that, Kev Keep them guessing lol
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BJ: I was born a man but i feel like i was supposed to be born a dog, WHERE ARE MY OPTIONS?!? WHY IS MY COUNTRY FULL OF HATE AND DISCRIMINATES AGAINST ME?
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AB: I hate it when applications ask you if you are white, african, hispanic or other. Wtf.
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Ianna Riegel Tomasello: Because a dog isn't a self-aware, sentient being, you twat-waffle.
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BJ: A dog isnt able to feel or perceive things? And Im the "twat-waffle" you say? Sounds like youre out of touch with reality.
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DR: neither are TG's
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Ianna Riegel Tomasello: Eh, I'll take back"sentient." How about "because a dog isn't a human, you twat-waffle." And D____, you really believe a TG person is less sentient and self-aware thana dog? Really?
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DR: I think a dog knows it's place "in the pack" whereas a TG is born one way, can't decide what it wants to be, wants to change, etc. That is the living representation of NOT self aware.
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JSL: Well I dont understand, working in a prison, if you have male parts your a man, but if you had an operation and now you have female parts you are a female, its based off what genitalia you have, not your sexual orientation. I think transgender shouldn't be an option, just male and female, so if you havent had the operation you get profiled with the men. Nothing against those who have the operation, and even so transgenders shouldnt have to put themselves out there like that,
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Ianna Riegel Tomasello: Wow. I have finally reached a level of short-sighted ness and stupidity to which I am unable to respond. Transgendered people are less self-aware than dogs. I'm starting to think that whole "Satan walks the Earth" thing is not entirely without merit, when humans can refer to other humans this way without a trace of irony.
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DR: You said what is true, but incorrectly. You are unable to respond, so you resort to name calling. And someone is supposed to take you seriously?
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BJ: My short experience with Ianna has been very unpleasant. Instead of discussing things, this person seems to prefer using insults to further their point.
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Ianna Riegel Tomasello: You are entirely correct. I am unable to have a rational conversation with a person who thinks dogs are more human than transgendered people.
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DR: Now you're just putting words in my mouth. I said less "self aware" than dogs, not less human. But whatever makes you feel empowered ;)
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ES: Where's the option for gender fluid? That's a genuine gender.
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ES: But S___, big breasted men who wear women's clothes can't be lumped in with men. The only thing male about them is the thing between their legs.
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Ianna Riegel Tomasello: I'm a white woman in a 20+ year marriage who votes every election and has never been arrested. How much more empowerment do you think I need? I just find it morally repulsive that there are actually other human beings roaming the planet with me who honestly think that domesticated pack animals have more self-awareness than transgendered people.
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ES: Just like women who have facial hair and a lack of boobs can't be lumped in with women cause the only thing female is their no longer reproductive organ
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BJ: Its called a joke, its sad that in your existence thus far you never developed a sense of humor.
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DR: Well, i'm 42 and been married less time than you, only 13 years, and have voted in every election since i was 18 (not sure what this has to do with squat). I find it morally repulsive to want to change the gender you were born with and pretend to be something you're not. And my dog, is so self aware, it's never asked me to let it change into a flower, or a frog, or anything else :D
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ES: I tried to make that make sense....
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LS: Twat waffle? Someone needs some sensitivity training.
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ES: Can everyone just take their opinions on transgendered people, moisten them with a lil KY and shove them up their own asses! Your opinion on them (good or bad) doesn't change the fact that there are transgendered people, so shove it! It only makes logical sense, since they do exist and are worth the same amount as everyone else, that they be included in a gender option for a survey. People are people, regardless of gender, transgender, age, race, nationality, etc, so let them be people!

Shit, never thought I'd have to tell adults "your opinions doesn't change who someone is"
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Ianna Riegel Tomasello: Oh, fuck...that was a joke? I'm sorry, I listen to Carlin, Hicks, Stanhope, Rogan, Norton, Pryor, Mulaney, Proops, Benson, Ansari, Posehn, Newhart, Hackett, Williams, Carvey, Ferguson, Burress, O'Neal...I thought I knew what a joke sounded like by now. That seemed more like a standard non-sequitur.
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Ianna Riegel Tomasello: D____: I only threw that stuff in to demonstrate that I already have empowerment coming out of my ass* - I don't need to somehow manufacture it by defending transgendered people (not quite sure how that was supposed to be "empowering" for me in the first place).

* Yes, it chafes.
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DR: You mean like this Eli? (there, that was a joke ) http://hugelol.com/lol/181867
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BJ: Youre the type of person who hears a joke, doesnt get it, but laughs anyways because you dont want to be left out. Was it hard being home schooled?
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ES: Yes! That! Thank you David.
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Ianna Riegel Tomasello: Awww, ad hominem. I already popped the ol' ad-hom cherry in this thread with my "twat-waffle" comment, but your attempt is adorable.
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BJ: I bet when youre losing an argument, in your 20+ year marriage you always resort to raising your voice as well.
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Ianna Riegel Tomasello: I'm home-schooled, unable to recognize humor, and shrill. Oh, DO tell me more - this is becoming psychologically fascinating.
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