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Hama hama bo-bama banana fana fo-fama

So many.

First off, it's been kind of awesome seeing people posting on here again. The little blurbs I get to read about your lives on Facebook are nice and all, but...
I've loved reading Nancy's quizzes (even though I think I'm batting about .150 in answering them - I never reply because I'm too ashamed of only being able to get MAYBE one a day). I love the stories about voyages to this or that pub or restaurant with Paul. It's smile-making.
I've ridden up and down with Libby on her relationship stuff and it's been good happy fun times watching things end up working out decently with her kid and his kid and the meetings and such (being kinda vague, sorry).
I've alternately screamed and cheered on the Kate roller coaster and she seriously has one of the cutest kids I've ever seen to whom I'm not related.
And everyone else. So many people, and getting little insights into how things are going with/for y'all has been, for me, kind of a window on the world of how things go.

My stuff...my stuff is my stuff. Which I was going to write about here, but this wasn't going to be a protected entry and there are things I just don't want the general public to have access to right now. I have said a couple of times, "there's stuff I really need to get out, and I'm gonna do it one day" and then I put up a post like this and don't subsequently do it.

I think today I may. Things have been fucky for a while, and then more fucky, and none of it is remotely as earth-shattering as the things a lot of y'all have been going through, but it's fucky for me. Short version: there's a possibility that I've wasted my entire adult life.

So, yeah. Everyone who can/will read this is probably someone I adore on one level or another. Online, I've known most of you for up to 14 years. FOURTEEN GODDAMN YEARS, Y'ALL. My friendship (however removed geographically it may be) with many of you is starting high school this year. It's kind of incredible.

Just wanted to say things. I said things. I will say more things later. But here: have a post from me, by me. It's on me. :D
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