Hama hama bo-bama banana fana fo-fama (hamadryad) wrote,
Hama hama bo-bama banana fana fo-fama

Hey, there's a really good reason why atheists and "agnostics" oin America are "suddenly" getting louder and "more obnoxious." Two reasons, really.
The Kansas Board of Education and the Dover, Pennsylvania Board of Education.

I got three more:
Republican Presidential candidates Sam Brownback, Tom Tancredo and Mike Huckabee do not believe in evolution.

Thirteen more:
AR - Museum of Earth History
CA - Inst. for Creation Research Museum
FL - Dinosaur Adventure Land
FL - A Key Encounter Theater
FL - Creation Adventures Museum
KY - Answers in Genesis Museum
NY - Lost World Museum
MT - Glendive Dinosaur & Fossil Museum
OH - Akron Fossil & Science Center
SD - Grand River Museum
TX - Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum
TX - Creation Evidence Museum
WA - Mount St. Helens 7 Wonders Museum
These are all creation centers and "museums."

That's with 5 minutes of thought and 2 minutes of Google. And I'm a hermit who almost never leaves my house.
I'm just sayin'.
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