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The Things

Still in extistance.

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Hama hama bo-bama banana fana fo-fama
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Yep, I now Twitter.

Again a boring housewife. I am not a BORED housewife. From what I have learned on the interweb, bored housewives get their kicks from inserting various objects - and strangers - into inappropriate orifices. Apparently, they also get paid for showing other people that they do this. I am willing to eat a doughnut if you'll pay me a dollar AND buy the doughnut.

I *heart* boobs.

I'm actually not a bored housewife any more, but since when does anyone expect accuracy out of these things?

Actually, I'm [no longer] assistant to a [fucked-up, perverted] Realtor®. I ha[d] no co-workers and my boss spends 80% of his time out of the office. It fucking rules. To quote myself: "So awesome when antisocial people manage to find antisocial jobs." [And wouldn't it be nice if that HADN'T involved constant talk about the sex life of someone you wouldn't even want to imagine naked.]

Not really antisocial, but I do lack certain social skills.

Now assisting in conference planning. Mostly from home. ♥!!

And now I'm not. But hey, who reads these things anyhow?

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